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Transfer Station & Recycling

The Sunbury Municipal Authority’s transfer station, located on Fawn Lane (an extension of S. 4th Street), was constructed in 1984 and was owned and operated by the City of Sunbury. 


In 1987, City decided to relinquish ownership and responsibility of this department and transferred it to the Sunbury Municipal Authority.  The Solid Waste Department employs a computerized scale from Fairbanks Scale Co.  This enables the Authority to charge customers a fee based on a per pound rate.   Sunbury’s transfer station handles approximately 14,000 tons of waste each year.  As in the beginning, the Solid Waste Department continues to look for cost effective and efficient means of operation.  In 1992, the Solid Waste Department was recognized for its innovative idea by inventing a leachate containment system for our 40 cu. yd containers.  The Sunbury Municipal Authority was honored at a Sunbury Rotary Club Meeting in 1992, and received the Vocational Excellent Award for our accomplishments.  Through new and innovative ideas, the Sunbury Municipal Authority’s Solid Waste Department has been able to maintain a stable disposal rate fee.


The Sunbury Municipal Authority’s Solid Waste Department also operates Sunbury’s Recycling program.  In 1991, Sunbury’s Recycling program received the Governor’s Waste Minimization Award.  Sunbury’s recycling program consists of a recycling drop-off center which currently accepts Glass (clear, brown & green), Aluminum, Tin Cans, Magazines, Cardboard, Newspaper and Plastics #1 & #2 ONLY.  We also operate a recycling curbside program which collects Glass and Aluminum. Both curbside and drop-off activities divert approximately 500 tons of recyclable material from being landfilled each year. 

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