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Flood Control

The Sunbury Flood Reduction System was designed and built by the US Army Corps of Engineers and completed in 1952. The System is a certified FEMA levee and provides protection on the Susquehanna River with 3+ feet of freeboard above the 100 year flood event of 556,000 cfs and provided protection of 620,000 cfs in 1972, which is about the maximum discharge the city will be protected against by utilizing the freeboard. A freeboard of 3 feet+ is also provided along Shamokin Creek against a discharge of 16,000 cfs occurring when the Susquehanna River is at 556,000 cfs.


The Sunbury System is operated out of our state of the art operations center located within the city on Hillside Drive and is comprised of:


  • 12,300 feet of Concrete Floodwall

  • 14,687 feet of Earthen Levee

  • 4 Telemetry Stations

  • 6 Pumping Stations with a combined pumping capacity of 290,000 gpm

  • 6 Closure Structures with a total length of 237 feet

  • 6 Drainage Structure

  • 17 Ponds & Channels

  • 18,571 feet of Drainage Pipes

  • 95 Gates

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